FIRES Final Conference

On May 25th 2018 the FIRES-consortium will host its final conference in the Flemish Royal Academy in Brussels. There we will present the results of three years of EU sponsored studies on how to reform institutions to promote a more entrepreneurial Europe. During a one-day conference, in dialogue with high level experts and policy makers, the researchers will present a pragmatic approach for tailoring a reform strategy to the specific strengths and weaknesses of the different European regions. Our principal message is: Go beyond the usual recipes and start building on the existing institutional framework to support entrepreneurship in the diverse European local contexts!

The morning will be devoted to diagnosing the problems at regional level and selecting the appropriate interventions from a broad policy menu. The afternoon will then be allocated to identifying who can and should do what, at what level in the policymaking process, to effectively address these difficulties.

The researchers will present the developed toolkit, show you how to use it and listen to your suggestions how these tools might be improved.

See you in Brussels on May 25th 2018!

You can register here to be kept up to date on our project, the program and the event.