On April 26th 2018 the FIRES consortium was presenting its Reform Strategy for the UK at the London School of Economics in London, United Kingdom. FIRES-researcher Prof. Saul Estrin in collaboration with the Marshall Institute had mobilised an impressive list of academics, policy makers and stakeholders in the field to discuss the FIRES-reform proposals for the UK. London School of Economics being home to the UK Growth Commission that has just presented its analysis and policy advice for maintaining competitiveness in post-BREXIT UK, proved an excellent venue for a high level exchange of ideas on how to promote more sustainable, innovative and inclusive growth in the UK. The FIRES-message that the UK should consider creating more open access to knowledge, promote a more inclusive form of capitalism and level the playing field in labour markets, was generally well received.  A more detailed report on the event can be found here. The slides presented to the audience can be found here.

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