Main tasks/objectives

Coordinator: Prof. Michael Fritsch (FSU Jena)

In this work package the urgency and desirability of the transition to an entrepreneurial society is researched. It will be established that many benefits can be linked to the transition to a more entrepreneurial economy and society.

First, a wide range of contributions from a transdisciplinary team of researchers, including Dr. Jacob Jordaan, Mr. Jeroen Content, Prof. Michael Fritsch, Prof. Koen Frenken, will establish that globalization drives regional specialization and competitiveness.

Also in this work package entrepreneurship will be linked to:

  • Knowledge flows and innovation by Dr. Claire Economidou.
  • Job creation and trade flows by Prof. van Biesebroeck, Ms. Karen Geurts.
  • Social corporate responsibility by Prof. Hans Schenk and Dr. Mark Sanders.
  • Inclusiveness by Dr. Miguel Amaral.
  • and General well being by Prof. Michael Fritsch and Michael Wyrwich.


Deliverable Lead Due Date
D3.1 – A review paper from task 3.1 on indicators and growth effects of related variety at the national and regional level in the EU UU January 2016
D3.2 – Pan European database with new indicators of related variety at national and regional (NUTS2) level; related variety indicators based on sectors, products and tasks UU April 2016
D3.3 – Empirical analysis of drivers of related variety at national and regional level in EU-Report based on the study outlined in task 3.3 FSU JENA April 2018
D3.4 – Empirical analysis of the effects of related variety at national and regional level in EU FSU JENA February 2018
D3.5 – Patterns in global trade and EU labour markets KU Leuven October 2016
D3.6 – New job creation and entrepreneurship KU Leuven May 2018
D3.7 Social and corporate responsibility and governance in young SMEs UU June 2017
D3.8 – Entrepreneurship and inclusive growth in EU UU October 2017
D3.9 – Institutions, entrepreneurship and wellbeing FSU JENA  April 2018
3.10 – Entrepreneurship and innovation – Report based on the study outlined in task 3.10 2 UPRC April 2018